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Aug 28

Cummings: Poetic Genius Led by Freedeom of Creativity

Cummings is to poetry what Picasso is to art. Purposeful deviation equals freedom of creativity. Coupled with the self, it forms poetic schools, creates poetic genres, and molds our most prized poets. I hope Cummings never had to hear Creeley chatter, “Never write in generalities if a particular, a detail, a specificity would do.” Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town ranks as one of the best poems ever written. While Creeley would have responded that detail wasn’t appropriate in this instance, his statement like so many more like it today, steers would-be-better poets into conformity or mediocrity. I’m not talking about complete chaos when I speak about a poet utilizing freedom of creativity— for freedom of creativity is control of chaos. It is not poetic license either, for poetic license drives the artist as opposed to creative freedom that drives the art.