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Mar 25

Beets and poetry, continued

The other subject that was on my mind during my beet feast (and has continued to pop up over and over again in my thoughts like a hang nail) was a comment made by a friend about poetry. I’ve heard the statement before. It irritates me every time I hear it. It bothers me even more when the person is a fiction writer that lets the bomb fall, and it torpedoes me like a big piece of bird poop flung on target. “I don’t understand poetry.” Who would ever walk into an art gallery and say to a fellow artist whose work was on exhibit, “I don’t understand realism or sculpture!” Who walks into a concert given by another musician and says to him, “I don’t understand the blues or country!” I won’t go on and on about this. Read the introduction to The Maze 2008 if you want to hear me preach more about this pet peeve. Just remember, if you dislike poetry or a poem, be honest. Tell the poet, “I dislike poetry.” Or confess, “I don’t like this poem.” Those are statements poets may hate, but can understand and respect. If you’re a nice person you can substitute, “Ah, poetry’s not really my thing.”