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Jun 23

The Continuous March Toward Perfection

People always awaken at some point, whether at a place in their lives or in a time period as large as a civilization, and want a life of truth and freedom and justice. Gandhi led the Indian people. King led African-Americans. The Dali Lama leads in the same way, in peace and non-violence with a reverence for all life. The Tibetan monks cradled their religion before being tossed out of Tibet, as if the hand of the universe thought their words were worth sharing with the world.

The Fatherland: Bod

Among rock, the tree widens crevice,
kneels to dirt born from wind and rain
lives to serve the elements.

Among rock, snow tips from the tops
of mountain breasts,
melts each Spring into mouths below.

Among mountains, monks rock in lotus
turn prayers to steady minds
meet paradise to transform evil

empires into compassionate countries.
The highest point in the world leaps further down.
Pushed out, he slowly spreads his way.

Anita Stienstra