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Sep 24

Oh Where, Oh Where is Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant has a new two-disc CD out titled, ” Leave Your Sleep.” It consists of poems by famous poets or authors that Merchant has set to music, some that she once sang to her children. The CD comes with a small book containing 25 poems and a short bio written by Merchant on each poet. I should love this CD. There’s a book for heaven’s sake. But, I don’t. Merchant claims she is no poet, those she calls, ” our soft-spoken clairvoyants,” but her own lyrics are more clairvoyant, interesting, unique and beautiful than any in this collection. Shucks, I even think Merchant’s CD title is more creative than its poems. It surprises me because four of the poets are personal favorites: EE Cummings, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Christina Rossetti, and Robert Graves. Perhaps the ditties will grow on me. I’m ready to leave this opinion behind.